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The CEO race goes unscripted, for the time being

Coming marginally over three months before the March 26 Chief Executive race, Leung Chun-ying’s yearly obligation visit to Beijing this week ought to have been recognized as another high purpose of his govern of the Hong Kong SAR. Toward the end of his meeting with President Xi Jinping in Beijing today, he was relied upon to be given a gift to compete for his second term.

On the off chance that that was the script arranged by Zhongnanhai with the finale of an effective re-decision of Leung, it turned out to be only a cluster of papers dispatched to the junk container after Leung told a hurriedly met public interview on December 9 he would not look for another term. He refered to family reason, or all the more precisely, medical issue of his little girl Chai-yan.

With his days at the Government house now numbered, his obligation visit has ended up, it could be said, a shame. Adulates by Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Leung at a meeting on the first of his three-day visit on Wednesday have a touch of incongruity and surrealism.

More acclaims of comparable kind on Leung are sure to be on the scripts of Xi and Premier Li Keqiang at their different work-reporting-cum-goodbye meeting with the active Chief Executive this evening.

Not at all like Leung’s past gatherings with state pioneers when their addresses turned into a subject of much elucidation for their shrouded messages, what Xi and Li say today will make no difference for the exceptionally essential question of will’s identity the following CEO.

It won’t be ABC. It will be “somebody yet not C Y.”

CEO Leung Chun-ying is on his last obligation visit to Beijing.

The CEO race goes unscripted, for the time being
The CEO race goes unscripted, for the time being

CEO Leung Chun-ying is on his last obligation visit to Beijing.

The incongruity is that the point of convergence of consideration has and will be moved to his two representatives. In an interesting happenstance, the No 2 official, Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, has flown out to Beijing. She will go to an occasion identifying with the twentieth commemoration of Hong Kong’s handover today. Leung will join in the wake of saying farewell to Xi and Li.

Despite the fact that Mrs Lam has over and over said her official visit has nothing to do with his thought about whether to join the race, it is very likely that she would attempt to discover the most recent considering the city’s next pioneer amid her trek.

One day after Leung’s declaration, she told journalists she would reexamine joining the shred even with the extreme change. She is required to declare her choice after she comes back to Hong Kong toward the end of her occasions that take after her official outing.

Squeeze reports said she has officially stepped up with regards to meet with significant property engineers as of late. The business division is said to be troubled with Leung and worried about whether Mrs Lam would proceed with his hostile to business strategy approach in the event that she succeeds him.

The other point of convergence of consideration will fall onto the destiny of John Tsang, whose abdication offered on December 12 has not been formally acknowledged by the focal government.

Instability over Tsang’s abdication endorsement

Contrasted and the instance of previous boss secretary Henry Tang Ying-yen, whose renunciation to run the 2012 CEO took just two days for an endorsement by Beijing, the “postponement” for Tsang’s situation has fuelled theory.

One line of examination is that Beijing has gone moderate in taking care of the case to pass on a message of their disposition of “disheartening” towards Tsang’s offered. Another hypothesis is that the “deferral” in giving a blessing is only a political strategy planned to appease the discontent of the supporters of Leung over Beijing’s choice to desert him.

Educator Lau Siu-kai, bad habit administrator of the Chinese Association of Hong Kong and Macau Studies, said it would presumably take a few weeks for a Beijing endorsement of Tsang’s leave, which is required to be take after by his entrance into the race. The more drawn out than-anticipated time for an endorsement would be viewed as a widely appealing choice that could keep any theory about Beijing’s perspectives over Tsang’s race offer to the base.

Soon after Leung precluded him from the race, both Tsang and Mrs Lam had been relied upon to declare their race offer inside a brief timeframe.

That both have kept the holding up cum-speculating amusement going on demonstrates the new script of the following CEO race, or if nothing else the plot of it, is still an instance of work in advance.

Chris Yeung is originator and proofreader of the Voice of Hong Kong site. He is a veteran writer in the past worked with the South China Morning Post and the Hong Kong Economic Journal. He composes on Greater China issues.

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