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Mega Twist! Beyhadh 1st August 2017 Today Episode Written Updates

Mega Twist! Beyhadh 1st August 2017 Today Episode Written Updates :- The soap opera Beyhadh is now yet to display that Arjun locates Maya’s whereabouts and he went to search her to find her, Maya decides to kill Rajeev and Saanjh anyhow. Beyhadh last night episode showcased that Maya has the game in her hands and Arjun somehow locates her, Samay is under the impression that Maya will come to him if Arjun will die but Maya decides to kill Samay anyhow.

Beyhadh further showcased that Arjun(Kushal Tandon)  and Saanjh (Aneri Vajani) getting surrounded and each place is captured by the police. Ranvir is prepared to trap them and now Saanjh and Arjun are having only 5 minutes to surrender themselves to the police.

Beyhadh 1st August 2017 Written Updates

Now Arjun suddenly gets an idea and he takes Saanjh to the bathroom only to get saved by the police. Maya (Jennifer Winget) and Samay (Piyush Sahdev) speak where Samay tells her that Arjun will not escape if he will be surrounded by the police team.

Now Maya though smiles with confidence that Arjun will surely escape, Maya tells Samay that Arjun has not come all this way and she also challenged to Samay that if Arjun will be locked in jail then surely he is going to come back as he is having a good wisdom.

Samay gets angry and tries to drag out Maya by stopping the car. Samay asks Maya how his love will never win and he also said that he loves Maya so he will be kicked out Arjun from his and Maya’s life, but Maya kept resist from the same.

Maya tells Samay that she is confident about Arjun and his love and Maya also said that Arjun will be never put his love or Saanjh in danger. Arjun shows Saanjh the toilet seat so that they can escape by using the same. Arjun takes a road nearby and starts digging the floor he also breaks the toilet.

Now Ranvir enters the building to search something and stunned to see that the toilet floor dug. Ranvir informs the police team outside where he asked to police that perhaps Arjun and Saanjh run out and the police need to catch them and Ranvir also screams of anger as Arjun and Sanjh run away.

Samay asks Maya if his love is enough for her but Maya says love is never enough for her anyhow. She tells Samay that Arjun will come and then she will be killed Arjun to take the revenge and she also said that nobody has right to kill Arjun except her even death.

Maya goes on to add that after Arjun’s death she will be starting afresh and new life with Samay, Samay laughs saying if she thinks Arjun can escape as police will catch him. As they have tea at some other place Samay realized that if she brings Arjun to Maya alive then Maya will love her.

Samay says he does not have a plan to save Arjun although. Maya smiles and said we will be caught Arjun. Shubh & Suman are tensed only to track the Maya’s number.

Shubh tells them that Maya’s location is somewhere on Maharashtra borders where we can catch Maya. Soon they see news on television about Arjun’s escape and Maya thought to catch Arjun.

Samay laughs saying now Arjun will be dying as now he will be getting Maya and his love. She says in love sacrifice is necessary and she also discuss of the Saanjh and Rajeev love to sacrifice the same.


Arjun and Saanjh search around for Maya by showing her picture but still, they failed to find Maya, but ultimately Arjun bumps into Maya herself and she covered her face and Arjun calls out her name.

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